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July 11th - September 30th, 2019

7 days a week, 11am–7pm

Thursday late night, 11am–9pm

316 Canal Street, New York City


(Filter Mask Experience)

We are in a transition to an imminent digitized age in which the signs of identity are being re-worked. Bodies need to be empowered no just physically but digitally.

Filter masks will be created digitally developed during an online workshop directed by TUNICA in collaboration with selected international artists as feature collaborators.

The exhibition "EXTENDED FANTASY" will show the artworks created during the workshop. A selection of these pieces will be translated into artistic collectible pieces such a 3D sculptures.

A visual and sensorial art experience for the visitors and the online guests allowing them to use the filter masks for free to share online their experiences at different social media platforms

TUNICA is an interdisciplinary creative studio based in New York, with satellite offices in Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City and Los Angeles. Our brand was founded in June 2012, to provide a fresh and contemporary perspective on art, design, fashion, music, and culture.With industry backgrounds, we are constantly evolving and inspired by the desire to provide a platform that champions both emerging and established talent from across a variety of mediums and practices.TUNICA it has gained widespread recognition as a trusted and timely guide to the present with an unconventional approach.


TUNICA uphold values of diversity, fearlessness, and acceptance in order to provide a platform that nurtures creativity, sharing a vision of art that challenges commercial standards and pushes the world forward. We engage in collaborations with cultural organizations and brands seeking a creative and globally networked creative team.


TUNICA magazine is an annual digital and print publication devoted to art, design, fashion, music, and culture.Our contributors and collaborators embody a youthful outlook and embrace concepts of the new. Together, they form an international collective and cover a wide array of cutting-edge artistic disciplines in the 21st century. Who curate critical, optimistic and experimental content, that range from art, fashion and fiction for what comes next. Each issue is masterminded in collaboration with different art directors and guest editors.

Exhibition open reception

September 12th, 2019

7pm - 10pm

After Party

11pm - 3am

The Dance

428 Laffayete Street, NY



+ Special Guest

For more information contact

@tunicastudio          #oncanal 

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