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September 20th - September 22nd, 2019

Friday, 12pm - 9pm

Saturday, 11am - 9pm

Sunday, 11am - 6pm

322A Canal Street, New York City

Start 2018

Second-hand clothing store without any stores running by remake artist Wataru Yatagai and flower coordinator Maki Tsuchiya.


The concept is "old clothes x flowers".

Fascinated by the detail that comes from the combination of different type of materials. 

We use flowers instead of paint to add color while reconstructing and remaking.


There are hundreds of flowers we using.

All gradients are decorated by expressing the difference in height using the shade of color,

the way flowers bloom, the size and texture of petals.


We operate in style that does not have any store, does not sell online.

We are mainly focusing on Japanese 90s fashion movement culture called “Urahara fashion“ that we loves. 

In our atelier, old clothes are not something you wear, but something you enjoy to see as an art. 

We are traveling all over Japan while making rebuilds to ART.

For more information contact

@ticking_store         #oncanal 

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