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April 11th - May 8th, 2019

Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 7pm

Thursday 12pm - 9pm

320A Canal Street, New York City

Rad Mora is a New York based Motion Design/Art Director who likes long winded titles and is keen on collaborating with artists, designers, clients, "creatives", "non-creatives", weirdos, friends and/or foes with a vision.


After earning a BFA in Communication Design at Parsons School of Design he was Senior Art Director at Adolescent for the better part of a decade.  There he dedicated his focus on creating strong visual identities for networks and programs for a broad range of clients.


Today, Rad is a NEWINC track member exploring poetic visuals for like minded brands and creatives that evoke deeply resonant emotional responses — and yeah, like, also freelance and consulting and stuff.

For more information contact

@rad.mora                  #oncanal 

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