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January 6th–January 31st, 2020

Opening: Thursday, Jan 9th, 6–9pm

7 Days a week, 10am–8pm

321 Canal Street, New York City

Wallplay is pleased to host and sponsor Racket Media: DON’T BURY THE LEDE, an interactive art installation about the history of New York City journalism.

Built and curated by Alex Brook Lynn, Founder of Racket Media, and produced in partnership with Newest York, DON’T BURY THE LEDE walks visitors through the people and industries underpinning how we see and understand the city and the world.

Starting on January 6th, 2020 and continuing through the end of the month, DON’T BURY THE LEDE will be an open exhibition space to public viewing. Included in the gallery is information on the historical presence and role of journalism, a fully-stocked newsstand, and exhibits showcasing city journalism throughout the years.

Set in a 1970s newsroom, visitors will be immersed in stories of gum-shoe reporters, tabloid photographers, and muck raking antics. Visitors encounter found sounds and stories by turning on old TVs, picking up the phone on a desk, or rifling through filing cabinets.

Included in the space is The Newest York Newsstand, a fully-stocked store where people can purchase current and vintage newspapers, books, magazines, and prints.

The exhibition will also function as a live film and podcast studio, along with a working space, where FAQ.NYC, Racket, Manifesto!, Newest York, and Thirst Storytelling will record daily and weekly episodes. In addition to regularly scheduled programming, Racket will host several panels on the current state of local journalism featuring leaders in the news and publishing space.

Racket Media Event Lineup

Racket Media: poetry reading

Saturday, January 18th, 7pm

Poetry reading with reading from Zoe Brezsny, Jeesoo Lee,

Courtney Bush, Ben Fama

Racket Reading: Damon Runyon 

Friday, January 24th

Bring your favorite Damon Runyon Passage or short story and read it aloud at Racket's Runyon Reading night. Runyon was a famous newspaper man and short story writer who distilled the quintessential New Yorker speaking tone. He wrote as they spoke the gamblers, hustlers, actors, and gangsters  who peopled his pages.

Racket Media: Newest York Poetry Night

Saturday, January 25th, 7-10pm

Poets: Mosie Romney, Rachelle Rahmé, Lauren Browne Peterbd

Thirst: A story-telling series

Tuesday, January 28th, 7-9pm

Theme: Don't

Thirstnyc website

Thirst Gallery is an ephemeral art and story space, open to writers, musicians, and artists of all kinds. It was created by Alex Brook Lynn and Gracie Bialecki as place of honesty and self-expression.


The Series is held in Apartments, empty storefronts, hotels, and any other nook or cranny that will have us.


So often we see each other in specific moments, times of celebration or struggle, and it is easier to speak of these  than to talk about the desperation or the desire that got us there.


At Thirst we embrace the wanting because sometimes, for a very very long time, that's all there is.

For more information contact

@theracketmedia         website         #oncanal 

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