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March 8th - March 31st, 2019

Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 7pm

Thursday 12pm - 9pm

320A Canal Street, New York City

Post Vision was started in 2015 by Nicole Ruggiero as a collective of artists who are inspired by and connected with the infinite possibilities of the internet. Post Vision curates and supports artwork based around internet themes that is both technically and stylistically mature. As a collective, Post Vision aims to tether the artist back to the work created, reversing the trend of modern-day viral culture where the attachment of a name to work is difficult because of the digital landscape. Post Vision consistently curates online work via Instagram and prepares curated material for digital art events.


For ON CANAL, both Nicole Ruggerio and Emma Stern curated a selection of artists to showcase for Armory Week.

For more information contact                  #oncanal 

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