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Collaboration with Brian Oakes

September 22nd, 2019

Sunday, 1pm–6pm

310 Canal Street, New York City

Brian Oakes creates a synergy with the pieces movement that promotes reusing and reclaiming personal objects.


Fusion is the concept that all living things from the atom to the human being can be combined to create a larger energy.


The pieces that Brian combines to create an electrical artwork alludes to the community Pieces is bringing together to invigorate collaboration and show how powerful we can be together.


Pieces is a non-profit creative collective focusing on the fusion of ideas and the sharing of our possesions.


Our goal is to create a commerce-less swap of anything in order to encouraging sustainability, while simultaneously gathering a community of creatives to share resources while creating a platform to increase their exposure and audience.


-While creating a system that focuses on bartering and removing cash value we are challenging our monetary system and encouraging the reuse and repurposing of our materialistic things.

Brian Oakes

New York based artist Brian Oakes aims to call attention to the relationships between human beings and our own creations.


Taking cues from systems that surround us, his spatial investigations manifest through means of technocraft such as open source collections, DIY materiality, satellite aesthetics, nuclear culture, radio transmission and reception, destabilizing systems of power, piracy, and global-political transparencies in outer space

For more information contact

@pieces.worldwide         @broakes         #oncanal 

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