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Movers & Shakers: BLACK MIRRORS:



February 18th - March 5th, 2019

Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 7pm

Thursday 12pm - 9pm

325 Canal Street, New York City

Featuring: Movers and Shakers, Anthony Akinbola, Dana Scruggs, King David, Ash Baccus-Clark w/ Hyphen Labs, Flo Ngala, Kahdeem Jefferson, Sydney Cartier


Black Mirrors: Reimagining Reality, brings together 8 African and African American artists whose work highlights critical discourse of the world through a new Black lens.

Each of these artists uses their medium to delve into concepts of history, tradition, and culture to explore their evolving relationships with Blackness. Black Mirrors will also feature interactive works from Movers and Shakers’ AR Monuments project, which aims to shift the public consciousness around structural racism by reimagining a world where everyone’s history matters.


For more information contact

@moversandshakersnyc                  #oncanal 

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