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January 1st - September 2nd, 2019

7 days a week, 11am–7pm

Thursday late night, 11am–9pm

357 Canal Street, New York City

TESTING GROUNDS is a concept by MotivNY, an athletic performance and physical therapy group, designed to introduce urban athletes to more unconventional methods of training and recovery.  Our concept space with ON CANAL demonstrates variety of programming made available to athletes who are seeking a fresh look at their athletic durability and longevity. With smaller-scale classes than your regular NYC studio experience, TESTING GROUNDS exposes the neighborhood to new methods such as Kinstretch, kettlebell skills, and bodyweight strength, led by experienced local talent. Over the years, MotivNY has supported many different athletic communities, and strives to integrate all of them into a community where they can share their mutual focus of hard work and improved performance.  TESTING GROUNDS offers a a new approach for individuals to experience recovery and connect with like-minded urban athletes. 

For more information contact

@motivny                 #motivmade                 #oncanal 

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