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Monday - Friday, 8am–8pm

Saturday, 9am–8pm

Sunday, 9am–7pm

359 Canal Street, New York City

It’s not a groundbreaking story, but it’s a story we can all relate to: our founder, Hannah, worked really really hard, didn’t sleep enough, traveled too much and had little time or energy to eat well. This unhealthy lifestyle developed into stomach issues, as well as loss in hair. After confronting many doctors about improving her health, she often left unsatisfied, causing her to search for alternative solutions. After heavy research, she stumbled upon reading about this magical-sounding tea, matcha.


As fate would have it, a friend had just returned from Japan and offered to let Hannah try some. The rest was history. Her kitchen became a test lab where she started importing matcha in from Japan so that she could get quality, organic matcha. She became her friends most excited matcha advocate and quickly created a community around her of matcha geeks.


She finally found what she was looking for: an antioxidant-loaded, energy-giving, grounding tea that she could drink every single day that was actually GOOD for her. There was only one hitch: where could she get it? And why was it so hard to get organic matcha in the US? And where in Japan does matcha actually come from? Who actually grows it?


Finally she knew she had to do something more, something bigger. She needed to share the highest quality organic matcha with the US. Matchaful was then born.  Everything we do stems from Hannah’s original mission: to take care. Take care of those around you. Take care of our planet. Take care of yourself. And do it Every. Single. Day.


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