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LP Choreography:



January 12th, 2020

Sunday, 12–8pm

323 Canal Street, New York City

As a metaphor for the global climate emergency, Laura Peterson has created a dance/installation created entirely from expansive pieces of paper. Beginning as a field of small, precisely folded packets, INTERGLACIAL gradually evolves into an immersive environment of imposing sculptures overtaking the performance space. Images from the natural world continue to permeate Laura’s works as she investigates choreography as a vehicle to express the underlying yet dramatic shifts in our understanding of the contemporary world.

Laura Peterson is a Brooklyn-based interdisciplinary artist working in choreography and installation art. The foundation of her work lies in the visceral exchange between moving bodies and the material world. For the last 10 years Peterson has been using large-scale paper, paintings, sculpture, and detailed choreography as mediums to examine how people inhabit tactile environments. This has taken the form of extremely physical dancing within tall sculptures, large paintings, and recently, as dynamic landscapes.


Laura Peterson has had commissions, residencies, and performances nationally and internationally at the HERE Arts Center, Bogliasco Foundation, Marble House Project, Lower Manhattan Cultural Council, Queens Museum of Art, Jamaica Center for Arts and Learning, and others. Her work has been presented by The Kennedy Center, Lincoln Center-Out-of-Doors, Jacob’s Pillow Inside/Out and was part of MoMA’s Judson Dance Theater: The Work Is Never Done at the Judson Dance Theater Reassembled event.


Installation designed by Laura Peterson and Jon Pope

Music by Omar Zubair
Performed by Jennifer Sydor, Darrin Wright, Nicole Wolcott, Marion Spencer, Janessa Clark and Laura Peterson
Costumes designed by Charles Youssef
For booking information contact: Karen Kitchen: or

For more information contact

@lpchoreography         #oncanal 

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