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Immersive Installation

7 rooms 7 stages of being in a relationship


September 9th–November 20th, 2019

7 days a week, 10am–8pm

326 Canal Street, New York City

The inspiration behind Love Vibe:

Everyone has a dream relationship. We want to hear other people's stories- their failure, their success, how they found each other and how they stay strong.


What is Love Vibe Pop Up:

We set up seven rooms. Each room represents one stage of being in a relationship.

Our Goal:

To bring couple photo to a new level.

What makes Love Vibe different:

Not like other installation, we are not featuring any artist. We want our guests to share their own stories.


What Else:

Our Love Vibe Wall is open to everyone.

The First Stage: We Met

A Narrow Room with mirrored wall. There are many obstacles in the way but you can see the person.

The Second Stage: The Crush

The inside when you have crush on the person after you met.

The Fourth Stage: The Puzzle

Sometimes you get confused about everything. This room is designed to be a maze. You thought you find a way out but it is a dead-end, though pretty.

The Fifth Stage: The Decision

Express your self. Ever since this room, everything is bright.

The Third Stage: The Chase

People playing hard-to-get game because some love challenges. There are two planets in this room, showing men are from Mars and women are from Venus. You look close but you in different planets.

There are drapes in the other half, pretty but can't see through.

The Sixth Stage: Love Lab

Rationally testing your love connection in the relationship

The Seventh Stage: The Next Chapter

No matter the testing works out or not, you have to move forward to the next chapter. In this room, we have a wing in heart shape and also have settings like a home sweet home.

Love Vibe Wall

aka Lovers Wall


The Goal: To Collect Tips from Couples

Our quest for meaningful relationships. We would like to invite couples, especially those senior ones. We want to know their

tips and how they overcome every challenge.

About Love Vibe Team

We are a team of visual artists, interior designers, and photographers obsessed with immersive art experience and trying to build our spaces.

One of us is about to get married to her high school sweetheart.

Two of us are looking for her soul mate while figuring what is love.

One of us had been heartbroken but the New York City brought her life back together.

For more information contact

@lovevibe_nyc          website          #oncanal 

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