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February 10th, 2020

Monday, 5–11pm

323 Canal Street, New York City

“Our mission is to create a dope universe that inspires everyone, encouraging true self- expression” - Liu

Continuing the storyline from previous seasons, LiuSal has now journeyed back to Earth, ready to share their story and inspire the world. Here to stay, the brand is ready to show the public their unearthly lifestyle. Season V will not only display streetwear but will attempt to expand horizons through versatile pieces and experimental materials alongside classic LiuSal iconography. Every “extra terrestrial” style is meant to exemplify the philosophy of living life to the fullest.

The brand will be shooting lifestyle campaigns throughout their public run to capture each garment displayed in different settings that represent the way the team lives their everyday life.

Each piece from the collection will be designed to be multi-functional in unconventional formats. For example, backpacks that can become duffel bags and jackets that can turn into vests.


About LiuSal

LiuSal is a genderless high-end streetwear brand inspired by the sociopolitical culture of today. Their objective is to create a community with all walks of life working together to build a better future through a mission to break the status quo of including gendered and genrefied labeling in fashion. LiuSal encourages customers to own their true individuality using fashion and style as an outlet. The name, which stands for “Love Is Universal, Strive, Achieve, Longevity,” inspires individual freedom through their unconventional use of fabrics, colors, prints and innovative designs.

For more information contact

@liusalnycofficial         #oncanal 

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