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KROST New York:

Support Your Friends

November 16th - December 9th, 2018

On View Tue - Sat 11PM - 7PM

Thursday 11PM - 7PM

357 Canal Street, New York City

Krost proposes a progressive vision of minimalist luxury fashion rooted in the idea of friendship. Capturing the creative energies of camaraderie, art and social change, Krost is a salute to friends and their ability to move and inspire us.

Thoughtfully-sourced fabrics, careful stitching, ethical work practices and accessible price points come together in principled pieces that embody the feeling of unwavering optimism and connection that we get from supporting our friends.



Our first collection, titled ‘First Semester’ takes inspiration from the youth-led activism of the 1960’s: a decade when like-minded dreamers and leaders came together to forge a better today. Specifically, it was a decade where riots and protests mobilized a civil rights movement that has forever changed how we propel society forward. Unfortunately, we feel as if things have come first circle.

For more information contact

@krostnewyork           #oncanal

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