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Juan Cruz Reverberi:

Gloria Dumit

December 20th–December 22nd, 2019

Friday 20th, 6pm-10pm

Saturday 21st, 9am-9pm

Sunday 22nd, 9am-5pm

325 Canal Street, New York City

Artist Juan Cruz Reverberi was born in Tucumán, a northern city in Argentina. Cruz Reverberi began his career with a  six-year degree in architecture from the University of Architecture and Urbanism. The artist sharpened his skills by painting throughout Europe and the Americas, most notably Hawaii. Over the last decade, he has worked on architectural projects throughout New York City, while gaining valuable insight into his own artistic practice. After living between Maui and New York for the last decade, Cruz Reverberi broadened his artistic methodologies through eco-friendly technologies, in line with his thematic focus on the natural world.


Cruz currently resides in New York, still greatly influenced by Maui’s majestic shoreline and a profound respect for the environment. Cruz continues to express his own spirituality in his work. The artist primarily creates abstract figures and worlds, many of which have aquatic and architecture-inspired themes.


Cruz's work appears in public and private collections in the U.S, England, New Zealand and Argentina. In his free time he can be seen windsurfing out East New York or dancing tango in Manhattan.

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