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Jonathan Rosen:


June 6th - July 19th, 2019

7 days a week, 11am–7pm

Thursday late night, 11am–9pm

323 Canal Street, New York City

Through the surface of the mirrors, thousands of phrases flash in rapid chaotic succession. The mirrors inevitably coax us to take a selfie. There within our phone’s photo album, and much like the discovery of a Magic 8-Ball, our reflections are paired with aspirational text to remind us of who we are or could be. These selfies are dream catchers and the mirror simply the messenger.


Rosen believes that dreams that remain untold, remain unfulfilled. It’s only when they are spoken out loud and put into existence will they have the power to come true. WALKING ON CLOUDS suspends worries and disbelief, so people can be in a space to momentarily dream again.

Jonathan Rosen is a visual artist who works with mixed-media collage and interactive digital technologies. Rosen received a B.A. from University of Florida and a M.S. from VCU Brandcenter for advertising – launching the next 10 years of his career as an award-winning advertising creative and commercial film director. Needing a creative outlet, Rosen began making art and discovered his future calling. Since making art his full-time pursuit, he’s had exhibitions in NYC, Sydney, Taipei, Paris, Hong Kong and recently museum shows in Shanghai, Chengdu and Miami. In addition to the By The People exhibition at the Smithsonian, Rosen will be exhibiting at the Times Art Museum in Beijing, The Museum of Sex in NYC and for World Pride NYC in 2019. His work lives in collections around the world – including pieces in the permanent collections of The LiveStrong Foundation in Austin, Bloomingdales NYC and Colette in Paris. Rosen is also the founder and CEO of Artsparkr, an art-tech startup that helps artists of all disciplines find sought after creative opportunities.  After living overseas in London, Amsterdam and Sydney, Rosen pursues his passions in NYC, the city in which he was born.

For more information contact

@jonathanrosen_art          #oncanal 

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