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September 5th - 18th 2018

On View Tue - Sat 12 PM - 7 PM

Thursday 12PM - 9PM

312 Canal Street, New York City

As a former creative director in advertising, Jonathan has always been interested in the power that words, visuals, and hype have over people. Now as an artist, he’s trading manufactured consumer dreams with authentic desires and aspirations which society keeps locked away. His signature series, I WANT, started with Rosen's personal collections: concert stubs, baseball cards, high school yearbooks, business cards, and really any object he had grown attached to. Now, I WANT has transformed into utilizing the personal artifacts of others as source material, including digital technologies. Rosen discovered how accumulated collections hide secret wants that even the artist, himself had been been afraid to expose to the public. No work in the series uses the the same material or object twice. After the collections are collaged onto large 4×6' canvases, the words “I WANT…” are carved away. What’s left is a window through the artwork; an unfulfilled dream both conceptually and in structure. I WANT is a fantasy-based body of work, that will extend as far as there are human desires.

For more information contact

@jonathanrosen_art          #oncanal

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