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March 23rd - March 31st, 2019

Tuesday - Sunday 12pm - 7pm

Thursday 12pm - 9pm

359 Canal Street, New York City

The pop-up will highlight and present unique pieces of clothing that are of Jacuzzi’s own personal design and that utilize found materials. Pieces include custom tailored jeans and alterations of pieces that have been released previously. In addition, Jacuzzi World will feature poetry that Jacuzzi has written himself, and curated artwork and projections from other creatives close to him. While the space will be filled with Jacuzzi’s work and the work of his selected peers, it will also give way to a skate ledge to highlight the influence that skate culture has had on his work. From 3/23-3/31, the pop-up will operate as a hub through which Jacuzzi will can share his creative vision with the world.

Jacuzzi is a 25-year-old multifaceted creative based in New York. Although he may be most readily recognized as a model and clothing designer, most candid descriptions fail to articulate the full range of his artistry and persona. To place it in Jacuzzi’s words, he is an, “activist/ humanitarian who expresses freedoms and truth through art”. The Jacuzzi World pop-up will serve to launch the Jacuzzi World brand through highlighting full breadth of who Jacuzzi is, his art, and the world he creates.

For more information contact

@jacuzziworld                  #oncanal 

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