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Island Stream: 

Journey of 

The Drums

August 8th-September 1st, 2019

7 days a week, 12pm–7pm

Thursday late night, 12pm–9pm

321 Canal Street, New York City

Island Stream presents "Journey of The Drums" an exhibit that explores the development of music in the Caribbean. This journey begins with African drums, which is the point of connection between each Caribbean Island and the continent, regardless of language or political barriers. The end of the journey will highlight the Steel Pan, a modern percussive instrument that was invented in Trinidad and Tobago. The drum, being the heart beat, has birthed different genres and different dances all through the Caribbean. The Journey of The Drums exhibit will introduce audience to the different music genre’s of the Caribbean though a spacial audio installation accompanied by a holographic projection of dancing to the music. This installation will be accompanied by artwork from Mark Anthony Hill, a Jamaican fine artist, that is a former olympian. The Island Stream riddim, a beat designed for artists from different parts of the diaspora, will also be tested during the exhibit. 


Island Stream is currently working on a mobile distribution platform that focuses on Caribbean and African digital media.

For more information contact


@islandstream         #oncanal 

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