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May 2nd - May 26th, 2019

7 days a week, 11am–7pm

Thursday late night, 11am–9pm

325 Canal Street, New York City

Major holographic works that shape light have been created by artists from around the world.


Michael Bleyenberg, Lana Blum, Philippe Boissonnet, Patrick Boyd, Betsy Connors, Pascal Gauchet, Setsuko Ishii, Sam Moree, August Muth, Ray Park, Fred Unterseher


The artists were awarded production funding through the Hologram Foundation. Each artwork represents a significant investment of skills, technology and time to stake new ground in the young medium of holographic art. Pioneers of the field and emerging artists exhibit together.


Creating at intersections of physics and imagination the artists selected for IRIDESCENCE contemplate nature, culture and memory. The perspective of a bystander in Patrick Boyd’s animated holograms give a glimpse into an inherited culture. Betsy Connors harnesses the beauty of coral to bring awareness to catastrophic ecological change. The relationship of time and light inspire the sublime forms composed by August Muth. There are also celebrations of the body, of dance, and of spirituality.


To experience an art hologram is to engage with a sculpture of light. Etched by lasers, the microscopic physical structure of the hologram shapes light. The artist composes visual space with forms of pure color. The optical dynamics of each artwork unfolds as the viewer moves.


IRIDESCENCE is a collaboration between the Hologram Foundation, funded by Hugues Souparis, in Paris and Center for the Holographic Arts, the HoloCenter, in New York which supports artists to create new work and puts art holograms within the reach of buyers.  

Art of Light 

Thursday May 16th, 6-9pm

To celebrate the International Day of Light artists who create with light share their work.

Artist talks by Eric Leiser, Lindsay Packer and Matthew Schreiber  

3D screenings by Carlton Bright and Maximus Clarke


‘OCEAN’ a performance by Shoko Tamai in response to the artwork of Sam Moree


‘GENTLE STORM’ a 3D film of the Aurora during a geomagnetic storm by Ikuo Nakamura with music by Hayes Greenfield


Matthew Schreiber brings together mischievous humor and technical precision to create otherworldly spaces with laser installations and within holograms.  His artworks induce powerful encounters with the potency and mystery of light.

Lindsay Packer plays with the call and response of color and light, form and site in photography, film and video, installations, and improvisational performance. With a spontaneous spirit and non-hierarchical approach to materials and process, she creates immersive environments that are integral to and inseparable from their architectural and sonic contexts.

Working with experimental film, live performance, installation, puppetry painting and holography Eric Leiser explores how animation transforms perception when it is brought together with the space of live action. His fantastical artworks have a surrealistic quality where light takes on crystalline properties. 

HoloCenter | ON CANAL is part of the district for new ideas operated by Wallplay and cocurated by Vibes Studios #ONCANAL

For more information contact

@holocenternyc                  #oncanal 

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