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November 2nd, 2019

323 Canal Street, New York City

About Hanifa #hanifa

Hanifa is a Ready-to-Wear (RTW) designer line which features contemporary apparel for women. Feminine with chic simplicity, Hanifa features an array of styles, colors, textures, and exclusive patterns that cater to a woman's body. Hanifa targets your everyday hardworking, bold and beautiful woman who embodies class and a subtle edge. Hanifa is unafraid to set its own rules.  Initially based on providing customs and alteration services, the company has gained a great deal of recognition and has successfully released five collections since its launch in December of 2011. Priding on fabrics from international sources, the majority of Hanifa sources include fabrics from Dubai, Istanbul, New York City, and Washington D.C. 

As we meet the individual needs of our customers, and as we establish ourselves as a customer-favorite, the Hanifa team has a grand vision of establishing Hanifa as the best designer line in the world. Hanifa is a breath of fresh air for those who are unafraid to experience something new. 

About combing cotton co. #combingcottonco

an interdisciplinary agency with mastery in brand and business development rooted in social discourse. we exist as a creative consultancy and think tank reimagining space, digital and physical, through community-minded social and cultural documentation. we are selective + only work with human centric brands from the hyper-local to the global. we are based in washington, dc with reach in freetown + new york + lagos + houston + los angeles + beirut + mexico city + copenhagen + accra. combing cotton co. provides an opportunity to imagine otherwise homogeneous space as destination - in orchestra with its environment and in active conversation with community, infused with story, presented in context.

For more information contact

@hanifaofficial         @combingcottonco         #oncanal 

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