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Window Invasion

July - October, 2020

321, 325, 327, 357 Canal Street, NYC

Gazoo ^The Moon’s Window Invasion has been featured throughout Wallplay’s ON CANAL windows, including 357, 327, 325, and 321 Canal Street. New York based, Gazoo is best known for his ^To The Moon tag, a slogan which has motivated so many New Yorkers to proverbially reach toward the stars. Yet, in the last year the artist has taken this metaphor a step further to portray actual extraterrestrial figures. With the Black Lives Matter movement receiving more attention than ever before, since its inception in 2013, Gazoo came to the realization that not only is racial oppression unacceptable on Earth but that the entire universe stands in solidarity with humanity in search of racial equity-- a universally held mission. The artist views his persona as a medium, channeling the alien forces of the universe to speak out against Earth’s injustices. “It’s not okay for black people to feel alienated in their own country,” says Gazoo. Gazoo hopes the works on paper act as a conversation starter for passersby of all walks of life, including children.


Recently, Gazoo’s Window Invasion was featured in a New York Times article, which artists using the streets of New York to illustrate the city’s current collective reality. 

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