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September 6th - 27th 2018

On View Tue - Sat 12 PM - 7 PM

Thursday 12PM - 9PM

310 Canal Street, New York City


Los Angeles-based label, FOOANDFOO, represents an idea of streetwear that is both contemporary and cult. Founded by Elizabeth Hilfiger in 2016, FOOANDFOO radiates a playfulness that goes far beyond the nickname given to her during adolescence. As the brand’s creative director, she instills a strong appreciation for the process of becoming. Every idea is pursued with a carefree heart, open arms, and just a tinge of anxiety. FOOANDFOO’s first drop was released late last year to a warm, well-received welcome. Debuted by W Magazine, FOOANDFOO has been featured in Milk, i-D, as well as other publications. Its first collection was comprised of simple shirts and hoodies coded with pulley strings and metal loops alongside tactile sweatshirts that could be transformed into backpacks. These garments posed as a brief glimpse into what FOOANDFOO is offering to the fashion system. It is a brand focused less on making its customers feel ‘skinny’ or ‘pretty’, but safe and protected. FOOANDFOO’s second drop furthers this concept by smartly detailing jackets, jeans, and casual tops to hint at the scope of Elizabeth’s all encompassing vision. Although it disguises itself as a label, this inclusive posturing is prevalent throughout the FOOANDFOO ethos. is a playground built for the exchange of ideas, with each glitch sharing more bandwidth with a community of creatives. This expansive ideology is realized through FOOANDFOO’s collaborations with model Adwoa Aboah, artist Stephen Ostrowski, and director Julian Klincewicz. The art objects available for purchase on the site are also of friendful association. FOOANDFOO is not just about FOOANDFOO. It’s for FOOANDFOO and YOU.


Beginning September 6th, there will be a storefront activation with Instagram star "Lil Miquela" @lilmiquela where special limited edition product will be sold in collaboration with Lil Miquela, alongside the current FW18 collection that just dropped.  

For more information contact

@fooandfoo       #oncanal

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