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October 23rd–October 27th, 2019

Wednesday-Friday, 12pm–8pm

Saturday-Sunday, 12pm-6pm

357 Canal Street, New York City

Pubic hair. Everyone has it, but for some reason it makes us all a little uncomfortable. You’ve heard it before: You’re not feminine until you remove every hair, but you’re not a real feminist unless you quit grooming altogether.


It’s time to stop telling us what to do with our body hair and encourage listening to the only voices that really matter: our own. Whether you choose a full bush, Brazilian, or one of the infinite inbetweens, know that we’ve got your back. And products for however you like the front.

The Bush 2020


Shave, wax, grow—Flamingo is the first brand to make products that support every choice in body and hair care. Alongside Mons Mist, the brand is also launching a grow-choice movement: The Bush 2020.


Paula Scher, one of the most groundbreaking graphic designers of the last century, designed the campaign logo and campaign materials, leveraging intermittently weighted font to bring the brand’s mission of celebrating choice to life. More information—and a true pubic journey— at

To bring The Bush 2020 campaign to life, Flamingo is opening The Bush 2020 Campaign HQ to the public. A ground-level activation on the corner of Canal and Wooster, the Campaign HQ is a physical celebration of choice,with product and campaign merch giveaways, a display of Paula Scher’s work, and community programming (including a tipsy anatomy ask-me-anything with an OBGYN).

We’re committed to building healthy, positive relationships with our bodies and de-stigmatizing the conversation around women's health. Since launch, we’ve set aside 1% of all sales to support nonprofit partners whose missions we believe in deeply. Exhale to Inhale empowers those affected by domestic and sexual violence to transform their life through the healing practice of trauma informed yoga. And is fighting to end period poverty and period stigma through service, education, and advocacy.

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