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Data Through Design:

Digital Twins

February 28th–March 10th, 2020

Opening: Friday, Feb 28th, 6:30–9:30pm

Monday - Sunday, 12pm–6pm

357 Canal Street, New York City

Artist roster and project titles

Amanda Anderson, The Landscape Generator

Mona Chalabi, Home Sweet Home

Mariya Chekmarova & Hana Dunston, Cities as Spirographs

Jennifer Ding, I Am Therefore I Am

Nathaniel Quinn, Route Optimization Through Digital Profiles

Abe Rubenstein & Cameron Yick, Almost Everywhere

Devang Thakkar, Best Places to (ALMOST) Die

Eric Lee & Yen Mooi, Long Lost Twins

Squirrel Census, Squirrel Census

Digital Twin

The theme of our event will be Digital Twin, a term used to describe a virtual replica of a real world object or phenomenon. Digital twins — avatars, simulation models and artificial intelligence — constitute virtual worlds which can be used to both interpret and shape our reality. How are individuals, societies, cities and natural systems reflected in and impacted by digital worldbuilding? How can they help us better understand ourselves and our reality? On the other hand, how can implicit or explicit bias distort or mislead such efforts, and what are the consequences when we lose control of these digital worlds?


The mission of Data through Design and Open Data Week, a city-wide endeavor by the NYC Mayor’s Office of Data Analytics, is to encourage a wider knowledge of New York City’s open datasets and how these resources can enable better public understanding of what is happening in NYC’s neighborhoods, schools, streets, and parks.


City of New York

wallplay/ On Canal

Pratt SAVI

Columbia Data Science Institute




Can Sucuoğlu

Will Geary

Alexander Kennedy

Nicolas Grefenstette

So Yeon Jeong

Sara Eichner

For more information contact

@dataxdesign         website         #oncanal 

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