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Darragh Dandurand

June 6th - July 19th, 2019

7 days a week, 11am–7pm

Thursday late night, 11am–9pm

323 Canal Street, New York City

Darragh Dandurand is a multi-disciplinary multimedia maven out to conquer projects about women’s and LGBT+ rights, subcultures, fashion, music, and technology, based in Brooklyn, Philadelphia and San Francisco.


As advocate, she is proud to give time to building a better world for women and LGBT+. Her visual style is grown from gritty North Philadelphia, soaked in the popping colors she saw clashing there in a great and gaudy struggle for attention. Her work highlights extremes and the potential for beauty in landscapes often fraught with conflicting contrast and diversity. Dandurand promotes a seeking sense in her imagery, holding her viewers to the standard of looking deeper than accepting anything on the surface. As of 2017, she has pursued additional projects in new media, specifically narratives in virtual and augmented reality via set design and immersive installations.

For more information contact

@darraghdandurand          #oncanal 

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