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July 12th - 14th, 2019

Opening reception Friday 7/12 6-9pm

Saturday 7/13 12-6pm

Sunday 7/14 12-4pm

316 Canal Street, New York City

We’re in the muck now, neither here nor there, waiting to graduate, suspended in body, far from any edge, lost in a spectrum of blues, on a noble path, chilling at home, paying rent in purgatory.  Bless this mess.

Crit is a part-time, seasonal residency for creative people founded in 2016. We encourage artistic growth through community by gathering to present works in progress. We are a group of multidisciplinary artists, writers, and designers who support one another in pursuing our creative goals, individually and collectively. Critique is a tool we use to create more possibility for ourselves and our art.

Middle Land is our fifth exhibition and features work by Hannah Tardie, Nancy Kim, Shea Fitzpatrick, Gideon Jacobs, Michelle Snow, Amy Piller, Philip Poon, Kendall Waldman, and Ashley Jane Lewis. Crit is organized by Lily Miao, Elie Andersen, and Michelle Snow. All materials are designed by Elie Andersen. 

For more information contact          #oncanal 

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