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Curated by Vibes

August 2nd - On Going

325/327 Canal Street NYC Scaffolding

For ON CANAL, A large scale print of Kraus' oil work, titled Neophyte (2018) will be installed on the scaffolding between 325 and 327 Canal St as a public art installation. Dylan Kraus (born 1987 in Ohio) is a multidisciplinary artist and Cooper Union BFA alumnus who lives and works in New York. Kraus’ practice revolves around the exploration of space and time, symmetry, reflections, dreamscapes, “mental horizons.”


The artist refers to his themes as “magic in a non-fantastical way.” Each theme is often depicted symbolically and through the lens of nature. Kraus modulates his practice further through the usage of traditional perspective, creating window-like experiences into his paintings for each passerby to peer into.

For more information contact

@dylankraus7          #oncanal

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