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February 8th - February 28th, 2019

Tuesday - Saturday 12pm - 7pm

Thursday 12pm - 9pm

321 Canal Street, New York City

Sandy Liang is a New York based-and-bred designer who draws energy and inspiration for her collections from the magnetism of childhood memory and unsung neighborhood spirit, from chefs in aprons smoking behind restaurant doors to grandmothers shuffling on Canal Street in wide-leg printed pants. Liang grew up in Bayside, Queens, and after briefly attending Rhode Island School of Design for architecture, transferred to Parsons to study fashion design. She founded her company immediately upon graduating, and began to develop what she says she could just see and feel from the outset.


As a designer, her roots are firmly in outerwear, the structure, materiality and identity of which has informed her work since her first collection ten seasons ago. With elevated detailing and beautiful fabrics (leather, shearling, mink and more), Liang explores the memories of comfort from winter coats on the school playground, her first impressions of silhouette and color from 90s brands that she saw on the street in New York as a kid, and the wit of cartoon-y, playful influences. Each collection builds on the last, with thoughtfulness and consistency that is uncommon in a young brand.


As she develops new offerings in ready-to-wear, building on shirting and knits, her attention to layerable quality and material remains. Liang innovates within the range of emotionality that inspires her, and is very much a biographical designer. Liang’s process has a rare, local focus. She works intimately with a small team in a renovated studio space that was once a storage room for her father’s restaurant two blocks away, where he still works. She names pieces after family and friends, and develops custom prints--like a fruit print with hidden lighters--that wink at the everyday in New York. Her designed memories have their own luxury, longevity and wit, are enjoyable to observe, sumptuous to touch yet easy to appreciate.

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@sandyliang                  #oncanal 

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