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January 10th - February 2nd, 2019

Tuesday - Saturday 12 PM - 7 PM

Thursday 12PM - 9PM

320A Canal Street, New York City

For ON CANAL, New York based Contemporary Street Artist Christian Boss makes a return to the downtown art scene, presenting his mixed street style for a second solo show. A redux of debut solo exhibition, HIGH-CONTRAST, the January 2019 showcase features three new additions to the High-Contrast collection. In Boss’ style, which borders between classical and street technique, work is juxtaposed between rushed and reckless street writing with laborious and intricate pointillism. 


Christian Boss


Confronting the infamy of graffiti in popular culture in relation to other forms of canonical art, contemporary artist Christian Boss uses a self-developed style he refers to as “faux stenciling,” combining the laborious process of using a pointillist technique to create realistic like portraits with the imitative tags of reckless graffiti. Christian seeks to push the boundaries of what can be accomplished when two traditionally disparate avenues of art come together by filling every square inch of the canvas with thousands of dots, pushing the level of detail to a photorealistic fidelity, before adding a variety of pigment with various techniques commonly used by street artists.



An emerging artist with a collegiate career focused in the study and practice of art, Christian currently resides and exhibits his work in the New York Metropolitan area.

For more information contact

@hossman33           #oncanal

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