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Angely Martinez

November 15th, 2018

Thursday 6PM - 9PM

322B Canal Street, New York City

Please join us as Angely Martinez launches her first collection in partnership with New York City Jewelry Week and the Bijules Incubator. A recent FIT jewelry graduate, Angely has built a live installation in the Bijules Incubator space since September, showcasing the "making of" process including jeweler's workbench with torch, polish machine, and tools. 


 "Vermillion" debut collection launches as ripe fruits of her labor. Inspired by the emotional color of red and the organic shapes of raw nature, Angely has worked arduously at the bench hand-making each jewelry piece in silver with semi-precious gemstones like rubies, garnets, pearls, and agate. Implementing traditional jeweler techniques like fine silver fusing and glass flameworking. The "Vermillion" collection will be made-to-order direct from Angely Martinez website.

For more information contact

@jonahreider           @angelymartinezjewelry           #oncanal

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