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A Body of Work

Curated by Ali Edelson


November 8th–November 19th, 2019

7 days a week, 11am–7pm

Thursday late night, 11am–9pm

Opening Reception: Friday, Nov 8th, 7-9pm

323 Canal Street, New York City

Wallplay ON CANAL is pleased to present A Body of Work, a group exhibition curated by Ali Edelson that features twelve contemporary female artists whose work engages with how the female form is represented in art. The exhibit, on view from November 8 – November 19 and also featuring a one-night performance by artist Nicole Goodwin on November 15th, features the works of Lynn Bianchi, Indira Cesarine, Anna Cone, Bambou Gili, Rebecca Goyette, Joanna Grochowska, Joanne Leah, Miranda Morris, Qina Nahm, Leah Schrager, and Nichole Washington. The exhibition is free and open to the public from 10:30 AM to 6:30 PM during its run.


A Body of Work examines how a group of contemporary female artists represent the female body in their work. The representation of the female form, and more specifically the female nude, has long been a key part of art history. For much of art history, men were the primary depicters and consumers of the female form in art—the female nude was both commodified and filtered through the male gaze. It was not until the 20th century that feminist artists gained notoriety for rejecting this status quo to take more power over the ways in which women’s bodies were portrayed. Today, female artists not only grapple with the influence of the past, but also in present representations of women in the media and online. In the present media landscape, photo-shopped bodies are used to sell everything from sex to fast food. Women are inundated with unrealistic points of comparison, greatly skewing their perceptions of their own figures. A Body of Work examines women’s autonomy over their own bodies, and begs question regarding the consumption of contemporary feminist art.


This exhibition is especially timely in our current political and social climate. Today, women’s bodies are hyper-sexualized and shamed in the same breath. State specific abortion bans threaten the health and bodily autonomy of millions. At the same time, countless women are being energized by the #MeToo movement to report long-ignored instances of sexual harassment or assault. We are on a precipice—one in which many women are giving themselves permission to speak out and take control over their own narratives, but also one in which not everyone has that same luxury.


Through mixed media, performance, painting, photography, and sculpture, these twelve female artists take back ownership of their own bodies and the narratives around them. Art has long been a form of altering perceptions and social norms: A Body of Work seeks to provide a platform for women’s voices to be heard louder, both artists and viewers alike.


10% of all sales proceeds will be donated to charities focused on female health and representation. More information is available upon request.


Space is limited. RSVP to

For images, prices and more information please contact

For more information contact

@a_edelson_         #oncanal 

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